62 Nice Feather-Dusters! By Krausz, Sigmund

Stores and office-buildings are the favorite hunting grounds of the feather-duster man, or to be more correct, the featherduster boy; for as a rule the profession recruits itself from the ranks of boys and very young men. He is a polite fellow, but at the same time he is persistent. Yet his persistency is not of the offensive kind. His invitation to buy nice turkey feather-dusters is uttered in such modest and submissive tones that should he even repeat it several times at your decided refusal, it is impossible for you to get angry at the fellow. He looks at you so appealingly as he offers his wares that you cannot help getting interested in him. Perhaps you may think that a feather-duster is a superfluous article. You never had one, and do not care to have one. But you can not escape him. His eagle eye is quick to detect the layer of dust on your cabinet file or your office desk, and he will call your attention to that fact by drawing fantastic figures in the dust with his forefinger, until you come to recognize the absolute necessity of investing half a dollar in a feather-duster.

The feather-duster boy is a type very similar to the little match pedlar. He is generally a Hebrew, and has all the characteristics of that thrifty race. He is saving and always on the lookout for a favorable chance to invest his small savings where they will bring him the best returns. His vocation is only a temporary one. He wants to be a merchant, and does not expect to sell featherdusters all his life. The evolution is, perhaps, slow, but it is sure, for he has the necessary get-up to insure success.

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