Richard Hakluyt’s Collection 1589

The principal Navigations, Voyages, Trafiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, made by sea or ouer Land to the remote and farthest distant Quarters of the Earth, at any time within the compassc of these 600 yeres: diuided into three seueral volumes, according to the positions of the regions whereunto they were directed. The first volume containeth the worthy Discoueries etc. of the English toward the North and Northeast by Sea, as of Lapland, Scrikfinia, Cerella, the Baie of S. Nicolas, the Isles of Colgoieue, Vaigatz, and Nona Zembla, toward the great Riuer, Ob, with the mighty Empire of Russia, the Caspian Sea, Georgia, Armenia, Media, Persia, Boghar in Bactria, and diuers Kingdomes of Tartaria: together with many notable Monuments and Testimonies of the Ancient forren Trades, and of the warrelike and other shipping of this realme of England in former ages, whereunto is annexed a briefe Commentary of the true state of Island, and of the Northern Seas and Lands situate that way: as also the memorable Defeat of the Spanish huge Armada, anno 1588. The second volume comprehendeth the principall Nauigations, Voyages, Trafiques, and Disconeries of the English Nation made by Sea or Oner-Land, to the South and South-East Parts of the World, as well within as without the Streight of Gibraltar, at any time within the Compasse of these 1600 yeres: diuided into two several parts, etc. By Richard Hakluyt, Praecher.10 Printed to London. Anno 1589.11
Eine zweite Ausgabe erschien sehr vermehrt ebenfalls zu London in drei Bänden unter dem Titel: Collection of the early voyages, travels and discoveries of the English Nation. By Richard Hakluyt. Vol. I. 1598.12 Vol. ?. 1599. Vol. ?. 1600 fol.

Diese beiden älteren Ausgaben sind äußerst selten; daher veranstaltete man in neueren Zeiten eine dritte, welche unter dem Titel erschien:

Hakluyt’s Collection of the early Vayages, Travels and Discoveries of the English Nation. A New Edition, with additions. London. 1809 —1812. 5 vol. 4.

10) Über Hakluyt’s Unternehmung s. Lettre de Gérard Mercator à Richard Haxluyt en 1580. Bey, Bergeron Voyages ect. Vol. I. p. 114.

11) S. D. Clement Bibliothèque Curieuse. T. IX. p. 347.

12) Der erste Band erhielt 1599 einen neuen Titel; in diesem zweiten Abdrucke wurde aber der Bericht über des Grafen Essex Expedition nach Cadix, p. 607—620, wegen Essex Ungnade weggelassen.

Von dieser letzten Ausgabe sind nur 200 Exemplare abgedruckt worden, weswegen sie auch sehr selten ist.

Der erste Band der zweiten Ausgabe führt noch den besonderen Titel: Voyages made to the North and Northeast quarters, und er allein enthält mehre hierher gehörende Reisen. Es sind namentlich folgende:

a) The voyage of Oether, made to the Northeast parts beyond Norway, reported by himselfe unto Alfred the famous king of England, about the yere 890. p. 5.
b) The manage of the daughter of Harald, slaine by William the Conqueror, vnto Jeruslaus duke of Russia, taken out of the 9 hooke of the Danish historie written by Saxo-Grammaticus. A. D. 1067.
c) The voyage of a certain Englishman into Tartaria, and from thence into Poland and Hungary, anno 1243.
d) Libellus historiens Joannis de Plano Carpini, qui missus est legatus ad Tartaros anno Domini 1246, ab Innocentio quarto Pontifico máximo, p. 24— 59.
e) The voyage of Johannes de Plano Carpini vnto the Northeast parts of the world, in the yere of our Lord 1246. Aus dem 12ten Buche des Speculum historíale Vincentii Beluacensis. p. 59 — 79.
f) Itinerarium fratris Willielmi de Rubruquis de online fratrum Minorum, Galli, anno gratiae 1253 ad partes orientales, p. 80— 101.
g) The first voyage for discoverie with three ships, set forth under the charge of Sir Hugh Willoughby, Knight, in which he dyed, and Moscovia was discovered by Captaine Chancellor. 1553. p. 258.
h) Copie of a note found in a Ship, which wintered in Lappia, where Willoughby and all his Company died. 1553. p. 258.
i) The Navigation and Discovery toward the river Ob, made by Master Steven Burrough, in the yeare 1556 and his voyage from Colmogore to Wardhouse. 1557. p. 306.
k) Voyage of Richard Chancellor, Pilot Major, the first discoverer by Sea of the Kingdom of Moscovia, a. 1553. Englisch und Lateinisch, p. 263.
l) Certaine Notes written by Richard Johnson, which was — with Steven Burrowe in the Serchtrift. 1556.
m) The landing of Richard Johnson among the Samoëds. anno 1556. p. 316.
n) The first voyage made by Master Anthony Jenkinson from the city of London toward the Land of Russia, where Osep Grigoriwiche Napea first Ambassador from the Emperor of Moscovia to Queen Marie was transportet into his country a. 1557, with a large description of the manners of his country, p. 346.
o) Voyage made by Anthony Jenkinson from the city of Mosco in Russia to the city of Boghar in Bactria, in the yeare 1558, p. 362.
p) Certaine Notes gathered by Richard Johnson, which was at Boghar with M. Anthony Jenkinson of the Reports of Russians and other Strangers of the wayes of Russia to Cathaya, and of divers and strange people, p. 335.
q) The second voyage of Anthony Jenkinson from London into the Land of Persia, passing in his Journey through Russia, Moscovia and Mare Caspium, being begunne a. 1561. p. 384.
r) The way discovered by water by ns Thomas Southam et John Sparke from the town of Calmagro unto the citie of Novogrode in Russia etc. 1566. p. 409.
s) The Arabassage of the right worshipfull Master Thomas Randolfe Esquier from the Queenes Maiestie to the Emperor of Russia in the yeare 1568 briefly written by himselfe. p. 422.
t) C’ertaine Letters in verses, written out of Moscovia touching the state of the country and manners of the people, by Master George Tubervile, Secretary to M. Randolfe. p. 432.
u) The third Voyage of Anthony Jenkinson into Russia in the yeare 1566 etc. p. 418.
v) William Burrough’s Voyage to the Narve in Liefland. 1570. p. 450.
w) A Letter of Richard Uscombc touching the burning of the citie of Mosco by the Crimme Tartar, August 1571. p. 452.
x) Advertissement and Reports of the 6 voyages into the parts of Persia and Media — gathered out of sundrie letters written by Christopher Burrough in the yeares 1579; 1580, 1581. p. 419.
y) The voyage of M. Anthony Jenkinson, Ambassador from the Queenes Maiestie to the Emperor of Russia. Anno 1571. p. 452.
z) Deposition of M. William Burrough to certain interrogatories mooued into him concerning the Narve and Kegor 1576. p. 466.
aa) A briefe discourse of the Voyage of Sir Jerome Bowes, Knight, her Majesties Ambassador to Iwan Wassiliwich in the year 1583. p. 516.
bb) Advise touching a voyage for Cola. 1578. p. 440.
cc) The most solemne and magnificent coronation of Pheodor Juanowich, Emperour of Russia, in the yeare 1584, seen and observed by Master Jerome Horsey, p. 525.
dd) The Ambassage of M. Giles Fletcher, Doctor of the Civil lawe, sent from her Majestie to Theodor the Emperour of Russia, a. 1588. p. 533.
ee) Jerome Bowes voyage and amhassady to the Emperor of Russia in the year 1582. p. 487.
ff) Treatise of Russia and the northern regions, by Jerome Horsey, p. 819.
gg) Voyage to the Northeast, performed by certaine Russes and translated out of Sigismundus ab Herberstein, p. 556.
hh) A voyage in Sibier and to the river of Ob, declared in a letter, written to Gerardus Mercator. p. 575.

In einem Anhange des ersten Teiles, der den Titel führt: The ambassages, priviledges, letters and other observations, depending upon the voyages of the first Volume, kommen noch folgende hierher gehörige Stücke vor:

a) Instructions given to the Pursers of the Moscovie voyage, p. 304.
b) Richard Johnson’s discourse concerning the Samoeds. p. 316.
c) A description of Russia with the customs ami manners of the inhabitants. p. 357.
d) Rich. Johnson’s notes and observations of the several ways from Russia to Cathay over land, in a letter to Henry Lane resident in Vologda, p. 375.
e) The distances of diverses places in Russia, p. 407.
f) The way and distance from St. Nicolas in Russia to the Caspiansea. A. 1557. p. 408.
g) A brief researfall of all the travails of Anthony Jenkinson.
h) Certaine letters of Arthur Edwards written out of Russia, Media und Persia, to the Company of the Moscouie merchants in London, p. 397.
i) A notable description of Russia, p. 535.